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With HTE you're not left out, we evaluate and ensure your project, so that we guarantee the completion of the project as it was defined.

build trust

Beginning a project and investing into your future is sometimes like jumping into cold water, it's good to have a safety west. We at HTE provide you such a safety west.

maximize success

Concentrate on your business and leave the rest to us. Our insurance is more than just a value of money, we build your success.

protect yourself

What costs more money than the project itself? Not finishing it and not being able to bring it to the market, that's where tiny things sum up to huge amounts.


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Here are some examples of project insurance with Hendrik Thurau Enterprises

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Frequently asked questions

Our Project insurance means, for a small fee we guarantee with our experts that your project will be done to completion up to the defined coverage.

We are a premium provider in the digital business and we repaired a lot of bugs for our clients, there is often one or another thing that went wrong in development.

Know How minimizes this risk, so why shouldnt we let everybody profit from our Know How?

We will not only ensure that you will get the desired project finished but we will guide you before you finish it and need to take advantage of our insurance. This way you are double insured.

The digital industry is like a hot iron nobody wants to take responsability, there is noone that will ensure the success of your project. 

We trust in our work and know our expertise, that’s why we take the step to say: we guarantee it, we actually insure it.

Currently we insure:

Web-Development projects: WordPress Development, Website Development, Platform Development, C-Sharp C# Development, .NET Development, PHP Development, Angular Development, Laravel Development.

App-Development project: iOS Apps, Android Apps

Further on inquiry

Generally yes.

After passing the application process, you are eligible to profit from this service.

Before you start the project we evaluate your project, the costs and the team that will be working on the project. If the planification is correctly done you get our green light. If there are negative indicators we will inform you about adjustments or give you a red light.

Before beginning the project, you need to define what elements should covered or if the whole project should be covered. Only after approval you should begin with the project or you risk that we dont cover it.

With the approval you will receive the quote (in case of adjustment) or invoice for the insurance. The insurance is to be paid in advance. To avoid fraud, we need proof of contracts and payment for the project.

After finishing the project you have 3 months to report problems and bugs to us, reports after this period are not covered. The finish date is what has been projected in the planification. If the project takes more time or costs more this has to be communicated to us. In this case we will adjust the project plan, to the new finish date. If new costs arise the coverage has to be adjusted.

Problems and Bugs will be treated by our own experts in order to make sure that the problems are solved quickly and completely. We ensure the success of your project and we cover that the project is completed.

You can increase your project at any time or add another project. Our experts will take the time to analyse and grant the insurance if applicable.

Each insurance is an own contract.

Nothing can be added to a project scope after insurance or it is not covered. For every addition there needs to be an own or gathered coverage.

Negative evaluation can have several indicators.

A typical example is a project where the costs are way too low, the deadline way too short and the team members unexperienced.

This insurance is meant for best-will of all that contribute to your project and not meant to make up for hopeless cases because of wrong planification. It’s really for the cases where it’s bad luck and unforeseen events that prevented a project to be finished. Only by succeeding 80% of all projects this service can work, that’s why we help you before the end but we must be selective.

This service will only be viable with a lot of successful contributors, so please recommend us, it contributes to the success of your own project.

For some negative indicators we will adjust the evaluation and help you to plan correctly.

If it comes to costs we are very strict, we know the market and will re-evaluate your project with independant appraisers. If the costs are much too low, the project cost will be adjusted to a realistic scenario depending on team size, country, region and skills. In the same manner you could profit from a decrease of your project cost estimation from our side.

Dont worry we sign with every of our clients an NDA. We’re here to help you not steal your ideas.

Problems and Bugs reported to us will be in first responsability of the provider, we help you with that. Only after problems have been stated to the provider and he isnt capable or doesnt cover them. As example: you are asked for an additional payment for fixing, the insurance comes into coverage.

Experts are not always available immediately so we sometimes need up to 2 weeks in order for our expert to begin with your task.

We insure to make your project successful by completing it, fixing all bugs and problems that are reported to us.

We dont insure a monetary payout.

The coverage takes up 50% of the whole project costs. If this is not enough to fix all problems, there have been some serious miscalculations.

If we don’t exclude that case, we dont leave you in the rain.

Porject insurance is a service from Hendrik Thurau Enterprises if you have questions

Our clients say

"I wanted to have a really nice website, but the prices seemed to be a little high. I was astonished when I heard that I can lease my website, that was exactly what I was looking for."
Sandra Lang
"That's an amazing service. It meant financial freedom for me"
QuEntin leandros
Art Gallerist
"I'm was a very early phase of my startup, so I couldn't afford too high costs but also didnt want to cut on getting quality services. This was the perfect solution."
jessica Reed
"I just did it because I didnt know HTE. Didnt regret it, you guys rock"
JAmie trevin