Service LEasing with HTE


With HTE you're not left out if your current financial situation doesnt give you the possibility to make big steps.

build trust

Sometimes it's all about building trust. At the beginning of each relation the trustbase must be established, we give you a start ahead by trusting you first.


Concentrate on your business and leave the rest to us. Our service should always bring you an additional value, that's what we stand for.

Plan your budget

Our current plans include up to 12 months of leasing, the leasing fee is 5%.

the perfect plan

Here are some examples of service leasing with Hendrik Thurau Enterprises





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Per month





Per month

Frequently asked questions

Service Leasing means, that our services can be paid in several times instead of a one time payment.

We want to lift the burden of our clients saying that they cannot afford a premium service and therefore go with cheap solutions that they will in 99% of the cases not be satisfied with. In the end a premium service, even if higher priced, does not contain hidden costs and will save you money. Often cheaper services lead from one additional problem to another causing side-costs that cant be controlled, going premium prevents this.

We want our clients to directly profit from premium services even with a small budget.

The fee to have a monthly payment lease is 5% interest.

The minimum fee we take for this service is $20 per case.

Generally yes.

There are cases in which this cannot apply, as example if we have to buy physical goods for you in order to fulfill the service, these costs cannot be included in a lease.

When you have been already excluded one time due to late payment, you might not be eligible for credit from us. In this case you can still work with us, improve your credit rating and take advantage again in future.

Yes you can payback earlier, in that case you will only have to pay the interest for the months used.

The minimum of $20 stays.

You can increase your lease or decrease it. Our experts will take the time to analyse your needs and grant the lease if applicable.

Each lease is an own contract.

Yes, for new customers we consider a down-payment of minimum 20%.

After the end of the first lease without problems, you will get green light for no down payment.

You have 14 days margin to be considered late for payment.

The first reminder will go out 7days after due date.

7days after the first reminder you are considered late for payment, the second reminder will raise your invoice by $5.
7days later the third reminder will raise by your invoice $10.
7days later the fourth reminder will raise by your invoice $10.

If by the time of the fifth reminder this issue could not be settled we will stop our services for you and reserve the right of property.

While the full payment hasn’t been settled, the service, goods, content and everything else that has been provided by us remains property of Hendrik Thurau Enterprises. Only after full payment of the last due payment, the property will be handed over to you.

In case of unresolved problems, we reserve the right to stop our services for you and make use of our right of property, which includes all rights and overrides all conflicting property contracts.

It only takes 48h for the evaluation. In the meantime lets talk about your project.

While you present your project to us, we present you all the solutions that enable you to fullfil your project.

Service Leasing is a service from Hendrik Thurau Enterprises if you have questions

Our clients say

"I wanted to have a really nice website, but the prices seemed to be a little high. I was astonished when I heard that I can lease my website, that was exactly what I was looking for."
Sandra Lang
"That's an amazing service. It meant financial freedom for me"
QuEntin leandros
Art Gallerist
"I'm was a very early phase of my startup, so I couldn't afford too high costs but also didnt want to cut on getting quality services. This was the perfect solution."
jessica Reed
"I just did it because I didnt know HTE. Didnt regret it, you guys rock"
JAmie trevin