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Creating interactive designs to match business goals and users' needs!

What is Design?

Crafting a meaningful and relevant user experience has become imperative for every business today as it leaves a long-lasting impression on the user’s mind. User Experience (UX) design process comprises acquiring and integrating the product while considering the several features of designing, usability, function, and branding.

Our versatile experience in creating User Experience (UX) has helped us to enhance the digital interaction between our clients and their targeted audience. We understand User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs are important for customer satisfaction for every platform, hence we provide best and data-driven designs for Websites, Mobile Applications, Email Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Ad Banners, etc

Major Factors That We Consider While Crafting The Best UX Designs For Our Clients

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Our Design Approach

Market Research and Analysis

We understand our client’s requirement; hence we conduct detailed market research and analysis to bring out the immersive design that matches the market trends and business goals to bring outstanding engaging experience. 

Information Architecture Planning

The user must seek what they are looking for quickly and easily. Therefore, we adopt information architecture planning to logically organize information on the system to make the design user-friendly.


Our designers use a blueprint to reveal the envisioned structure of the product. Here, we build placement strategies for CTA and other information to ensure that the function appears in an accurate manner and place.


With the help of detailed clickable prototype, we get to know the underlying flow of the entire website even before it is fully developed.


Visual Design

We create an impressive design that captures the attention of every user and match their expectations. Following this approach, we assist our client to improve their brand identity.

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Why Choose Us?

Hendrik Thurau Enterprises is a top-notch app development company in Switzerland. 

We call ourselves Business Accelerators as we support businesses to enhance their performance and customer relationship by adopting the latest digital technologies and marketing strategies. 

Besides, developing unique applications, we also offer the best digital services that include Website Designing, Digital Marketing, Digital Coaching, Digital Sales, Social Media Management, UX UI Design, Custom Development, Offshoring Services, and many more. 

Our satisfaction guarantee rounds it off to a complete package.


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